Running Node from Home - Browser

I’m running my node from home. I’m reading that I don’t need to use the Tor browser to access my node from home, but rather, I should use an ordinary browser instead. The Tor Broswer & Tor generated URL are used when you’re away from your home network. Is this correct? The reason I ask:

I recently transferred some BTC from an online wallet to my integrated BTC wallet in umbrel. The downloadable .csv for the BTC withdrawal included the Time, Amount, and my… IP Address!!

The IP address for my home router which my umbrel is directly connected to. Isn’t one of the points of running your own node (over Tor) is so these companies cannot associate a personal IP address with a BTC transaction?

Please let me know what I should do in the future.


That IP is your local IP, is a private IP, that is not visible in internet and also is NOT accessible at all from internet. Also is possible you saw a generic IP address that is NOT your ISP router public IP.
I think you have serious lack of knowledge about how IPs works in this world wide network.

Yes, DarthCoin.

I have serious lack of knowledge about IPs. That is why I ask the questions.