Does a lightning node need a static public IP or does Tor suffice?

Hi all! Say you install umbrel on a raspberry pi at home. Your ISP dynamically assigns IP addresses, so your home IP address changes once in a while. Will you still be able to run a lightning node?

I have seen indications both ways. I have seen some guides and threads about using a static IP address, such as by running a VPN tunnel to a virtual private server. However, I also see comments suggesting that due to Tor routing, a static IP address isn’t necessary. I can give some links to all of these things if it would help (reddit, stackexchange, etc). Thank you!

Tor onion addresses do not use regular IP/domain assignation. That makes easier for node operators to run their nodes with home connections (dynamic IPs) and also no need to open ports on the router. Each app from Umbrel node will have its own specific onion address (that regularly will use a specific port).

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Thanks for the reply! I do understand how Tor works in general, just trying to understand whether nodes can run entirely over Tor without static IP addresses. Your answer and the link seem to say yes! Thanks again.