Access Bitcoin Node Off Netowrk

Can someone help me understand how to access my Bitcoin node while away from home?

I assume that activating TOR (Umbrel 0.5.4) is required and that I will need a TOR browser on my Windows laptop and/or Android phone. Is that it? Are there any potential security risks with that arrangement?

Thanks in advance!

you can use tailscale as a vpn to get inside your network when you are away from home and access your node that way.

Or you can use tor. its much slower but its safe as well.
You can use Tor browser or you can use brave browser as it has a tor option.

I would recommend the vpn route as its just so much faster.

Tried TOR and I see what you mean about slow. It’s positively painful. I have a NordVPN subscription. Does that work and is it safe?

i havent messed with the new features of nord that is supposed to get you in network.
try tailscale its already set up. Look in the app store.

Thanks, but I wasn’t looking to pay for an additional subscription for a second VPN service. I’ll see if there are other solutions.

tailscale is free-to-use for networking!

You just got my attention. :wink:

Report back🙂