Umbrel Clearnet

With the latest update we can finally use it without TOR. I was wondering how can we keep the IP hidden while using clearnet?


Late answer, but you can only use it on your local network without using the onion domain.
So, it isn’t even accessible from outside your network from a direct way (Probably not if you open network ports that others can use to access your local network, however)
Outside of manually pocking with the configuration, you got to use Tailscale or maybe Cloudflare tunnels.

Thanks for you reply! So basically disabling TOR in the settings won’t show my node on the clearnet? It’s only used to connect remotely to my node without using TOR or Tailscale etc?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Your node is not able to be accessed in the Clearnet in any way.

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@MykieGuillotine: to avoid ambiguity, are you saying that these hybrid-mode instructions are not a way for an Umbrel node to be accessed in the Clearnet?

I can confirm that these options work for Umbrel. Just be cautious, since it’s exposing your home IP. Some want to avoid this, hence Tor is the default and clearnet / hybrid only opt-in by customizing your settings.
You can look at VPN Options, too: