Running 2 nodes, ssh passwords "permission denied" message

Hi there, I am running two nodes on two Raspberry Pi both with Umbrel version 0.4.10 on a macbook, both connections are on wifi and having there specific IP address.
I access the terminal for each of the nodes with ssh and am then being asked to enter the password, after entering the password (same pw as when accessing the Umbrel home pages) it gives me a “Permission denied, please try again.” message, anyone here can help me out further?

Hey John,

you need to connect with user umbrel@, this will have admin privilidges and the pwd you use for the UI. User pi doesn’t exist.

Hi Hakuna, I just tried to ssh with umbrel@ip address of my node(s) the ip address was confirmed by angry ip scanner, i get a “zsh command not found” message. Any other possibilities to ssh both my nodes? thanks a mill for your support.

Hi Hakuna, I just managed to get in to one of the nodes via ssh -t umbrel@ip address

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