Can not login with SSH

Hello, everyone

I can’t connect to the Node with SSH, the error message Permission denied always appears.

I tried the Umbrel Dashboard password and moneyprintergobrrr, both of them don’t work.

What could be the problem?

My Umbrel Version is 0.4.8

it’s your user password, it is not anymore the default one

I know, but it doesn’t work…

I had this problem with ssh the other day. addding -vvv after ssh worked for me

-vvv doesn’t work too.
The message appears: Permission denied (publickey, password)

I’m sure I’m entering the correct password, and I’m not do copy paste.

I found the mistake, i entered the following: ssh then my IP Adress
But I had to enter the following: ssh umbrel@then my IP Adress.