Robosats vs. Bisq

I’m new to this Umbrel Community so I hope my topic is okay in this forum. Upon researching Umbrel before I install it I noticed it supports RoboSats but does not support Bisq. My hope is someone in the community can confirm if Umbrel combined with RoboSats provides a more user friendly experience with better security compared to Bisq for the purpose of buying a few no KYC Sats?

My research tells me RoboSats uses the transaction data downloaded by the Bitcoin Core app which Umbrel includes. But I am not clear if Bisq can be configured to use the same Bitcoin Core transaction data if it turns out Bisq can run within Umbrel. In short, I would appreciate it a lot if anybody in this community can provide any opinions that will help me decide which of the three paths listed below is the correct one to start hiking on for the purpose of buying a few no KYC Sats:

  1. Umbrel, Bitcoin Core, and Robosats combined together is the way to go.
  2. Bisq stand alone without Umbrel is the way to go.
  3. Bisq running within Umbrel and Bitcoin Core app is the way to go.

Thank you for your time.

Can confirm you can direct the Bisq desktop app to use your Bitcoin node with <umbrel_ip>:8333, so I think using either is fine- both platforms are great.

My 2 cents, is that I personally found Robosats easier to use, but part of that is having to trade in AUD$

Smolgrrr, thank you for your helpful post. I have decided to follow the path involving RoboSats and an Umbrel hosted Bitcoin Node. It seems to be the path of least resistance. Additionally, I am thinking about installing Umbrel on an old Raspberry Pi 4 8GB board I have laying around and adding to it a 2TB SSD drive to support the Bitcoin node data.

I hope my RaspPi 4 board setup has the needed horsepower to run Umbrel, Robasats and host a Bitcoin node without any hiccups. As for Bisq, it would be awesome if they offered a RaspPi desktop version of this app so I could test out what you mention about pointing it to <umbrel_ip>:8333 to make it work. But I have not been able to find a RaspPI desktop version of Bisq. Again, thanks for your helpful post.