Bisq as an Umbrel app?

Hi all,

I’ve searched these forums and only found a one line mention of Bisq, similarly there’s a single thread on r/getumbrel without much detail.

What is the feasibility of running Bisq on Umbrel, as an Umbrel app?

There was mention on the short Reddit thread that Bisq syncs its own chain data, so might cause issues with Umbrel. And that perhaps the security/anonymity of Bisq could be compromised by running on Umbrel.

Is there truth to these claims? I believe they predate the introduction of Umbrel apps, so perhaps something has changed since!



Interesting idea, for sure. I’ll message it to Wiz and see if perhaps he or someone on his team has the bandwidth to pursue it - if it’s possible.
I’m not sure how it would work with downloading / syncing the DAO, as that’s pretty resource-intensive. But… very interesting nonetheless, and it would certainly help the issue where not a lot of offers are available on Bisq at any given time, because you have to be online to have your offers accepted.


Reply from Wiz:

yeah, running bisq on a raspberry pi is a FAQ and has been the vision for years… 
the short answer is that now that an API exists, someone could develop a web interface 
or mobile app that connects to the API in a secure way, but currently bisq is just a desktop app

Seems like for now, this is up to us, as they probably won’t have the bandwidth to do it. He hasn’t had a chance to reply to subsequent questions about whether or not they’ll be able to do it…


Interesting, appreciate the follow up!

If running Bisq on windows desktop, Bisq can be directed (settings > network info > use custom Bitcoin node > enter [your.LAN.umbrel.ip:8333] to use the Umbrel bitcoin node in the LAN. I haven’t had success with bisq connecting to the Umbrel tor.onion:8333 address for outside LAN bisq access to umbrel node. Perhaps Bisq could be included in the “wallet connect” area with instructions (not as an app in the shop). Using bisq with one’s own umbrel node is helpful for privacy.