Umbrel Without Bitcoin?

Is it possible to configure your Umbrel to work without Bitcoin Core or Lightning? I already have a RaspiBlitz routing node running with CLBOSS on c-lightning, but I really like the other non-Bitcoin apps that Umbrel has. Running it without Bitcoin or Lightning would allow for significant space savings.


While I am all for adding another node, it might be a little harsh @DarthCoin to say it is stupid to run umbrel without a node. One could argue it is also stupid to run NEXTCLOUD file server along with one’s bitcoin node especially if one has a lot of files in nextcloud to serve up but Umbrel does provide the platform to install Nextcloud and PhotoPrism easily.

In theory one might want to easily install some file servers and photo servers using Umbrel’s easy platform and the more of a file server one’s raspberry pi becomes, the less such a server should be a bitcoin node in so far as node blocks and file server space will compete against each other. If Umbrel as a platform wants to make file servers like Nextcloud easily installable, it might ought to make it possible to install a file server without being a BTC node if that is what enduser wants. Or the opposite, maybe Umbrel should consider removing Nextcloud and Photoprism from the app store if it wants to emphasize the bitcoin related apps and functions.


that is a good use case imo too, one for a lightning node, another for your own “google” server stuff


@DarthCoin well I already have 2 ferrari engines … so I am not need in a 3rd one :innocent: If your ferrari is not capable to run with the engine of another car, just say so and that’s ok. Than I know I am not the user (or target group) for the product, because it does not offer what I need … or you can call the people who have extra ferrari engines stupid, but this does not help me … What I would need to know is if Umbrel is ever going to this route, if not please let me know then I can leave this product and search somewhere else.


Guys, we all know Bitcoin Lightning is more like an EV than a petrol car :sunglasses:


If you already have another Umbrel with a full node then you can connect your new Umbrel to that one and save the full node space. Wouldn’t that be enough?

I use RaspiBlitz because I prefer c-lightning and CLBOSS. But I think DarthCoin already confirmed that Umbrel lacks the basic functionality of being able to remove Bitcoin Core to save space for the other apps. Thanks!

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I believe Umbrel is going the route of decoupling the bitcoin apps anyway so yeah I reckon it won’t be long. There’s a huge market for people who want to use self sovereign apps compared with people who want to run a node. Definitely not stupid to be running Umbrel without it being a bitcoin node haha.

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I think it is about 5 months that i was also looking into the answer for that. There were plans for getting rid of bitcoin, but the statement at that time was, that there is no ETA when that will happen and that bitcoin is just too much intervowen into umbrel to just get rid of it.
It seems that the stance has not changed since.