Ride The Lightning (RDL) doesn't show any of my channels?

I’ve just recently set up my Lightning Node and have opened a few channels & rebalanced using Thunderhub + Lighting Terminal. I wanted to try Ride The Lightning too, but when I open the app it doesn’t show any of the channels I’ve opened. Am I missing something? (I mean, I know I’m missing something, just not sure what exactly). Any guidance would be appreciated.



I noticed that RTL says “Welcome HOPPINGTOTE” at the top. However, my node’s alias is not HOPPINGTOTE, it’s SATOSHINAKA069.

When I click on “PUBLIC KEY” in RTL it shows a different Node URI/pubkey than the one I see under my Lightning Node app.

And if I click into NODE CONFIG > CORE LIGHTNING CONFIG there is nothing there. It says, Error Code 500 – Reading Config Error.

I received an answer from the developer on Github. Turns out, there are two different RTL apps. I was looking at RTL (Core Lightning), but should have been using the other RTL app to view my LND node. Problem solved.


There are two separate lightning nodes running on your Umbrel:

  • LND
  • Core Lightning

The node pubkey you see on Umbrel and Thunderhub is your LND node. There are actually two different RTLs available on your Umbrel App Store, RTL (Core Lightning) and RTL. If you install and access RTL you would be able to view your LND node information.

Regarding the Alias for core lightning, that is automatically created by core lightning when it instantiates. You can change it via the core lightning config file, but that would require you to access your umbrel via a ssh terminal. If you’re not comfortable with operating a command line terminal and do not know your way around a ssh terminal, I would not recommend doing that. Also, I am not sure where or how core lightning config can be accessed on umbrel and that question is best addressed to umbrel support.

Regarding the config file error, that again is a question best addressed to the umbrel team, as they need to fix the RTL configuration for core lightning. The core lightning config file path has to be correctly configured in RTL-Config.jsonto make this error go away.

Hope this helps. Thanks.