Ride The Lightning - Loop In and Loop Out

I’ve noticed that in the Ride the Lightning app that I can choose the Channel that I can Loop Out, but there is no choice of which channel I can Loop In.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the Loop In.

When I originally opened a channel to the Umbrel node, I only put in 100,000 sats. I would like to add at least 400k more sats to that channel. That’s what I understand Loop In would do, but I don’t see where I can pick the Umbrel Channel to Loop In to.

Or would it just be easier to close the Umbrel Channel and restart a new Channel with Umbrel with a larger balance?

Here some tutorials to consult.
Rebalancing channels with RTL
Using RTL app
Video tutorial of Thunderhub app
also Rebalancing with Thunderhub app


Quick question about lightning. I know this isn’t exactly on topic but I didn’t want to open a new thread for a simple question. Is there any way to change the name of your lightning node so it shows up in 1ml.com? I claimed my node there but it doesn’t seem to have an option to rename it. Thanks in advance.

By this you can rename your LN node via SSH, so you do not have random name.

sudo nano ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf

Add alias=My amazing node just after [Application Options]

  [Application Options]
  alias=My amazing node

Save the file using Ctrl + X and y

Restart your node: sudo systemctl restart umbrel-startup

NOTICE: keep a copy of this lnd.conf file. After Umbrel update this file will be overwritten. So after a software update put the lnd.conf file back from your copy.


Okay thank you. This is going to force me out of my noob shell! Thanks!

@DarthCoin I was chatting with RTL guys and trying to figure out why loop out isn’t working. they recommended running loop monitor command to debug. Any advice on how to do this via shell?

Sorry, not so advanced. I have also a loop out in pending for about 1 week. I just ignore it now.

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@HoneyBadger I’ve had some issues with loop out too. Had one loop out succeed yesterday after multiple hours but the rest failed or are still “initiated”. Were you able to figure out how to run the loop monitor?

I have not had any be successful at all.

You have to put a check in the checkbox that appears next to the channel, after you hit the “Loop In” button

Type these commands:

Take the container ID:
docker ps | grep loop
e3a82312d142 louneskmt/loop:v0.12.1-beta

Start an interactive shell in loop container:
docker exec -it e3a82312d142 /bin/bash

Run loop:
loop monitor

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This is very helpful. Needs a few adjustments however:
docker ps
Find the lightninglabs/lightning-terminal:v0.6.1-alpha CONTAINER ID
docker exec -it d4a017b2f136 /bin/bash
Then for umbrel, you need to specify the rpcserver and tlscertpath to run each command.
loop --rpcserver=localhost:8443 --tlscertpath=~/.lit/tls.cert listswaps

Further Documentation:

  1. Get Started
  2. API Reference