[Poll] What do you use for channel management?

What app do you use to open/manage your Lightning Channels?
  • Default Umbrel
  • Ride the Lightning
  • ThunderHub
  • Lightning Terminal
  • More than one (Combination)
  • Other

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I use all solutions available, each one have specific features and usage in different situations. Like BTC wallets. More options better to choose depending on which situation you are.

Opening channels: RTL and Thunderhub, sometimes Umbrel dashboard.

NOTE (FEATURE REQUEST): None of these have option to select the whole balance from onchain to open a channel and not remain with dust sats.
What trick I do to not end up with dust:

  • I use TH to calculate the total fee to pay, even if you calculate exactly the amount from balance, it will not open the channel, will say not enough or too much.
  • then I go to RTL, open channel, put a bit of higher amount then balance, I choose the fee per vB that I calculated previously in TH and click open. It will give an error, but in error will say exactly the amount you need to have. So you have to do a bit of math and calculate the exact amount you need to put in channel, keeping the same fee/vB.
  • Done, it will use the whole amount leaving your UTXOs clean.

Wallet usage: Zap, Zeus, BW, Electrum, LNbits all available.

Guys, use them all, are great and you will learn many things.


Trying to balance some channels to improve inbound liquidity. Anyone use circular rebalance option in RTL? I tried but it fails every time. Either no route error or timeout error.

@HoneyBadger Yes I use that sometimes. Is quite hard to find route if you have few channels open.
Try also Thunderhub and play a bit with the fees.
But main reason is finding route and try with small amounts like 50k sats. Don’t go for bigger ones if you do not have many channels and good routes.
But I would recommend to no play too much with this, only in specific cases when is really necessary to move funds form a channel to another.
What I do sometimes: I make a payment to my own other LN wallet, but choosing in RTL/TH from which channel to go. In this way I pay less fees (sometimes) and when is needed, I move back the liquidity. Only that you can’t control to which channel you will receive back the sats. Usually is taking from the best route + channel with more inbound.

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I see. So in RTL or TH you can send sats to wallot of satoshi or muum wallet on mobile lets say but pick the route?

How do you pick the route in RTL or TH?

When you go to Transactions and make a new payment, in the screen procedure, you have advanced, where you can choose a channel to be used first as source of funds.
But this works only with sending, receiving, you can’t control at this level.

that is cool…it works.