New Lightning Channels Stuck on Open

I’ve been running my node for over a year and keep it up to date with whatever updates are shown in Umbrel. Have had 30-50 channels open and rarely had any problems.

Probably 2 months ago, I did my last round of channel openings and had one channel that had a very low opening price, which would therefore take 24+ hours to open. Had done this many times before and was happy to wait it out.

Recently, I went in to clean up some open channels where the other nodes were down for 1+ month and noticed that this one channel was still not open. I went and initiated five more channel opens to five other nodes and waited a few days, but none of these channels are now open.

Here’s a screenshot of a few of them with the problematic channel having no name:

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Hi @cvo

Just so I understand- are these other channel openings at a low fee rate, similar to the first one you were having an issue with?
If so, it is quite easy to bump the channels with a CPFP transaction.

I would suggest downloading ‘Ride The Lightning’ from the appstore. From there you can navigate to the following menu on the app. I don’t have any LND channels at the moment, but you will hopefully see your pending transactions there. Ride The Lightning will then let you create a CPFP transaction that bumps the fee of your old transaction.

Unfortunately fees are pretty high right now, so I would suggest using a free rate of around 50sats/vB for this channel to open tonight. 40sats/vB at the lowest.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @smolgrrr

Thanks for the insight.

These recent channel openings were like 30-40 sats/vB whereas the one earlier than hasn’t yet posted was like 10 sats/vB. So I can increase that very low one on RTL.

The problem that I’m running into is trying to find the Index Value in a block explorer:

None of the block explorers I’ve tried show my incomplete opening channels. Is there a particular one that is good for this? Perhaps I’m just doing something wrong.

It should just be a ‘0’ or a ‘1’- idk why RTL asks for this, it should be able to figure it out itself haha.

You can run the following command, after SSHing into your node

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli pendingchannels

Then if you locate your low fee channel, it will contain a tag ‘channel point’. The index value is at the end of this tag, and while it is a little confusing, the index value of the change output is the opposite of that number. ie if channel output ends with a 1, your index value of the change output is 0.
Let me know if that helps!

Ok. I’ve seen the channel point in RTL. They didn’t teach me that 0=1 and 1=0 in school, but I’ll just go with it! Thanks!!

:rofl: :rofl:

Well I’ve given this a try and have unfortunately not had any luck. I receive the following error message:

The Passed Output Does Not Belong To The Wallet

Digging around on the internet reveals that one solution is to increase the mempool size and then republish the transactions.

I don’t think that this is possible with Umbrel inbetween me and the config options, but wanted to ask if there’s a way to do this or a different solution for Umbrel users.

Thank you!