Restarting broke my Umbrel (1.1.1, on x86)

I was having trouble where my FreshRSS was stuck on ‘restarting…’ and Immich was stuck on ‘starting…’. These are two important apps for me. I have never used them on Umbrel yet though.
I left it for a day but they are still stuck on that. So I decided to restart the Umbrel - bad idea. It puts me on a screen ‘Restarting umbrel - don’t refresh the page or turn it off’. That didn’t change, and now I couldn’t access it.
I went over to where the PC that’s running it is, and the lights were still on. I plugged in monitor and it was in boot sequence asking to press Enter. Then it said the root account was locked and it was unable to do anything. It was stuck in a loop.
I turned it off, then on again. It went through the boot, then failed to mount data.mount - /data. Then it went into that root account locked loop again.
It also said something about ‘recovery mode’.
I tried that a couple times but getting the same result each time I am scared that it is broken.

Has anyone encountered this issue, or know how to fix it?
Otherwise I’ll probably just use TrueNAS Scale until Umbrel is more stable.

Try to check SD card file system integrity.

I think your SD card might be dead. It happened to me as well.

I had luckily all the important data in SSD, which I believe you do as well.
Don’t worry
1 buy an industry-grade SD card (or two).
2 put Umbrel image on it
3 plug it into Pi and restart

Now I read the title right its x86, so probably no SD card, but I would start with that fsck anyway.

Yeah no SD card. I have a PC which doesn’t have an internal drive - everything is on a 2TB external hard drive SSD.

How? What do I need to do?

Thank you, I had something wrong in the EFI partition, it fixed it now.

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