Remotely monitoring in-sync status

I would like to use Uptime Kuma to make a regular call to Umbrel and find out whether my node is in sync with the blockchain or not. I looked into a few ways of doing this but I’ve not been successful.

getblockchainfo returns blocks and headers and comparing the two indicates whether a node is in sync or not. However, Uptime Kuma does not do operations like comparing two API response fields. I’m running Uptime Kuma on another machine.

mempool(.space) can show when the node is “synchronizing”, on the webpage. But I can’t seem to curl any webpage served by Umbrel without first authenticating myself (password, 2FA). It would be cool to be able to create API keys or bearer tokens. What’s the trick?

Uptime Kuma is probably not the best way to do this but I’m curious if any of you found a way to remotely check that the node is in sync via REST or pulling a webpage programatically.

Bless. M.

Hey @Maryant! Sounds like a fun use-case. Have you looked at the “Node-RED (for Bitcoin)” app in the Umbrel App Store? I’m not 100% sure, but I think it might help you build an API like that which you can then query via Uptime Kuma.

Ah, this is brilliant. Thank you very much. Didn’t think I could make an API with node red.