Issues with my node's sync speed and wifi connection issues

I’ve been running an Umbrel node for about a week now and have encountered a few issues.

For one, every 12 hours or so, my node disconnects from my wifi and does not reconnect. While the node does not display any notification or error messages on the command line, my router lists the node as offline. I have reflashed the OS several times and used different networks to no avail.

When the node is online, I can access the node’s control panel on my computer using the node’s IP address. While I can see blocks being synchronized and stored on my node’s SSD, the synchronization speed for the bitcoin blockchain is very slow. For all the time my node has been running, only 12.7% of the blockchain has been synchronized. My node is connected to wifi, but my network speed is nowhere near that slow at that location. Even when I did use ethernet or a different wifi network, the synchronization speed was around the same.

  • I am running the node on an old Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, with 1Gb of RAM. It is probably worth noting that this pi has been in storage for a few years.
  • I am using heatsinks and a cooling fan, and CPU temperatures are normal.
  • I have also tried running the node on another virtually identical Pi (similar age, same model, stored in similar conditions), but issues persist.
  • I am running version 0.4.18 of Umbrel.
  • I use a new Kingston 16 Gb micro SD card and a new 1Tb SSD.
  • I have set a static IP for my node.

The troubleshooting feature on the online control panel did not detect any issues with my node. I’m looking for advice to solve these issues.

1 GB of ram ??? i see why minimum is 4 for umbrel …