My Umbrel is synchronizing on Tor Network even though it's blocked by my ISP

Hey everyone,
Just plugged in my node.
Amazing interface, thanks a lot for creating this.
I have one question though.
I was wondering how is this possible and if it can be sustainable or should I create a back up plan in case it fails synchronizing at one point?
I can’t even access Tor website on a browser without a VPN so I was wondering how Umbrel Pi can?
Thanks a lot!

If sync fails it will resume from where it left off when restarted. You’ll need to re-flash the SD card if power loss has occurred but that wont effect any data or syncing.

Backup plan:
-Save your 24 word seed for the nodes wallet.
-Download lightning channel backup and store someplace safe.

Regarding Tor access, I’m not entirely sure its possible to access a Tor website without physically using Tor. Umbrel has no issue as its using Tor. Someone with more knowledge of Tor might be able to answer this more in depth.

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He was talking about using Tor Browser (without a bridge, or VPN) being blocked by his gov / ISP while Umbrel can sync over Tor without any issue.


Yes precisely, I was talking about that. @full_node thanks anyway! I’m well aware of backup options like seeds.
My backup plan for TOR in case it fails is to run a VPN-enabled mini-wifi router and enable TOR on that then connect my Umbrel node to that router via ethernet cable.
It’ll just cost me a bit for the VPN subscription but that’s a small price to pay living under dictatorship lol.
So far so good tho, Umbrel is synching like a monster through TOR, almost completed!
Thanks guys!