Recover Lightning channels the easy way

After a hardware crash, I was having a lot of trouble recovering my lightning channels using the standard ssh method.

I went with option 3, the Blixt Wallet method. Just wanted to report my experience.

  1. Downloaded Blixt Wallet from Play Store
  2. Selected “Recover” at app start up
  3. Input 24 word seed from my Umbrel wallet as well as uploaded my-umbrel-channels.backup file from 4/06/22.
  4. Channels showed up quickly in the app. “Waiting for channel to close” was displayed for each channel

That’s it. After 3 days, all channels were closed. All SATs reappeared in the Blixt on-chain wallet within minutes. Moved everything to my Trezor as normal. I would recommend waiting at least 5 days before you begin to worry. Just give it time.

I highly recommend using this method as it requires zero coding skills. :+1:

~Good Luck


Glad to hear the good news from you. Nice!

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I wasn’t able to import the channel backup.
Always get this error message: “Invalid string. Length must be a multiple of 4”.
I tried to upload the backup file that I downloaded from Umbrel…
Anyone knows what to do?

I followed this method, and I’m stuck at stage 4. It’s been 5 days now. Is there anything my peer needs to do to close the channel on their end? Why does it take so long, it is a specific number of confirmations or blocks that must pass?

I’m just starting to get a little worried, hopefully someone has experience with this method to put me at ease.

You should now be able to use the native recovery method provided by Umbrel.

Did you sort it out? If so, how? Im experiencing the same - been stuck at stage 4 for at least 5 days.

What happens to the lightning channel funds if you do not have the backup?