Help restore lightning node instance in Umbrel 0.5

Hi there,

My Umbre was working fine and I upgraded my Umbrel to 0.5. With that upgrade, there is a separate icon for lightning node as attached.
In an absent minded state, I uninstalled this lightning node. Realizing my mistake, I reinstalled the lightning node through app store of Umbrel. After the reinstallation, a completely new lightning node (with new 24 recovery words) showed up.
There are still some operating lightning channels in the previous instance of the lightning node. Is there a way to restore only this lightning node to the previous instance? I still have the 24 recovery words of the previous instance of lightning node.



same issue, awaiting solution mate

Hi @supriseflash,

I can still access my current Umbrel and thinking of restoring lightning channels with Blixt mobile method. It requires the latest channel.backup file at this folder in Umbrel “/home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/channel.backup”
All existing channels will be closed though.

I am a beginner of Linux cli and still not able to figure out how to retrieve this channel.backup file with command line “/home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/channel.backup”


I have the same issue.

I dont understand why On-Chain Balance is in lightning app…

How long did it take you to use Blixt? I’m trying the same thing, I’ve had the app for a day and whilst my on chain funds are there nothing related to my channels has appeared.

When you download the app from Google or Apple, open it and there will be an option to restore there.

To restore fund, you need to input 24 word seed and the most recent channel backup file into the Blitx app.

I did that yesterday, I was able to get my onchain funds but the off chain funds have yet to be seen. Blixt didn’t show any of my 62 channels

oh sorry to know that. At least Blixt should have shown your lightning channels with status “waiting for close” after it finished the initial block scan which took about 30 minutes.
I am not able to offer any further advice now.