Raspberry PI 4 HDMI Input source to TV is showing as "Sky New Zealand"?

Hi All,

Please forgive my ignorance but I’m new to the community starting my very first BTC node. I’ using a PI 4 8GB and having a few initial hurdles with my setup which I sort of understand (need a USB Keyboard & Mouse initially to start the OS and complete the setup (only have a Bluetooth atm)) which I’ll do tomorrow.

However, I plugged the USB to HDMI cable into my TV, powered up the PI 4, my TV recognised the new source input and displayed it as “Sky New Zealand” which has me f-ing baffled??? So just wondering if anyone else has come across thisl???

  • Where would it be getting this ID from?

  • I’m in Australia and bought this on eBay so I’m guessing this is a pre-owned PI 4?

  • Should I be worried about security when it’s on my network?

  • Can anyone shed some light on this, please?

Thanks in advance!!

Surely you have an used SD card. Buy a new one, 16GB is enough. Need a SSD 1TB also.
Flash the SD card with newer Umbrel version (4.11). Need another computer to access the Umbrel, it is a server, not a common PC. You should not use this RPi for other things.

Thanks for message. The package I bought came with a 32GB SD card which I formatted and I do have a 1TB SSD. I flashed the card with the latest Umbrel version from my laptop and inserted into the PI. I guess the ID might be coming from the HDMI port.


Why you use a “USB to HDMI cable?” RPi 4 has HDMI port., only needs a uHdmi to Hdmi cable.