What happens if you connect a Respberry Pi 4 HDMI Port?

I do not have the adapter or I would try. My question is what would happen? Can you access the desktop like a normal Raspberry Pi or does it not work because of the custom Umbrel disk image?

At the end of the day I am making an art installation and would love to have the Full Node also loop a video on a screen behind it. I know I can buy a dedicated media playback but it would be great to have it all in one.

I understand that may be very demanding on the machine based on the load.

Thank you to any tips and ideas!

The Pi will just die. :grinning:
You don’t need to do that. Any RPi can be accessed using SSH.
Any other device than HDD attached will consume more power and can end up in failures.

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Will it actually die or are you just trying to persuade me to not do it?

That’s not entirely true, I just tested it, and it works fine with the HDMI cable connected. If you’re using the official RPi power supply or the one from Canakit (which I’m using), you should be fine. It would just display an ASCII art of the Umbrel logo, with the QR code for the node. The 3 addresses to connect to the node should be listed right below.

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Wow far out that sounds great!

It also sounds like there is no way to access to desktop per se and run another application?

Worth trying out though as this could be a cool feature!

Are the QR codes to access the dashboard or to b able to donate like one of the invoices?

Thank you!