Problems with connecting to Tor peers LN

I am running Parallels VMWARE with Ubuntu and Umbrel installed.
All of this is running on my Mac-Mini M1 16GB

I have connected to 4 channels, and all apps are running fine. Where I find trouble is
a) Connecting Zeus LN wallet to it t through Tor (So I use Tailscale and Zeus works well with it after replacing the tor addresses with Tailscale host and Turn Tor enable off))
b) I have tried connecting to LN peers via their Tor address with only failures.
c) There is an empty Tor folder under Umbrel.
d) I have both Clearnet and Tor peers connected.

I loaded Umbrel on a ExFAT formatted SSD because I wanted my Bitcoin and other data operating from the larger capacity drive.

Is there something with Tor setup from Umbrel that is not configured properly?


This has been closed. Seems the problem connecting to channel was on their end.