LNbits LNURL pay link not working

I’m trying to set up a way for some friends at a doughnut shop to receive tips with Lightning. After making a wallet and enabling LNURLp I made a pay link for $1-$400.
When I scan it with a wallet, whether it’s Phoenix, BlueWallet, or even Zeus, I get an error that says “invalid data”.
I tried deleting it and making another one for a fixed 2k sat tip and get the same results.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Same issue her. Any resolution?

In the guide about LNbits I wrote in the Guides section of this forum I explained that if you use Umbrel LNbits, it will be always working behind Tor.

That means, when you create the LNurl and when you scan it, you must be using the Tor network on both sides.
Open the LNbits wallet page, using Tor onion address, then click on show or create the lnurl link. It will create an onion link, not clearnet.

Phoenix it doesn’t support lnurl behind Tor.
Bluewallet - yes it works, but you need to use it with Orbot.
Zeus, is canning perfectly but again, should be behind Tor.
SBW works if you activate Tor.
Muun, it doesn’t full support lnurl
Strike - don’t know
Blixt, yes is fully supporting lnurl, but again only if you activate Tor.

If you do not want to deal with accessing through Tor, there is a guide about how to use lnbits without Tor, but you will need to do some modifications in your node, so if you are not, comfortable with some command lines and stuff, you better don’t do it.

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Thank you for excellent reply.

I was hoping lnurlp with tor adress was a easy way to not do additional configuration.

New users of Umbrel should NOT ignore this important aspect: Umbrel is a private server and everything you do (out of your LAN) with it is through Tor.
Maybe in the future, devs will offer the option to users to switch specific apps to clearnet, but right now ALL traffic is through Tor. And was designed to be like that to be easy for users, to start with a node, in just simple steps, not dealing with security settings, configuring routers, ports, protection etc. Tor is doing that in 1 click.

If you want a clearnet node with specific apps, just start from scratch, installing all components without Tor, but you will need a lot of knowledge how to setup your environment to be secured in clearnet.

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