Two nodes on the same LAN, impossible to open a channel between them

Hello friends. I’m trying some setups, I set up a clearnet node and another tor-only Umbrel. The two nodes are on the same local network. The clearnet node runs with PIA’s VPN, forwarded on an automatically configured port, not the default 9735. Both work correctly, connect to other peers, send transactions, including with each other. There’s only one problem, I can’t open a channel between them. I can’t add them as peers, neither on the umbrel nor on the clearnet. These are the error messages:

[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = dial proxy failed: socks connect tcp 10.xx.xx.xx:9050-> unknown error general SOCKS server failure

[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = dial tcp: address abcabcabcbabcabcababcabcabaabcabcabcabc.onion: no suitable address found

update: I realized my partial mistake when trying to connect the clearnet node to tor - which is impossible by definition - remains as a problem so only the inability to connect the umbrel node to the clearnet.

I also didn’t mention that Node Clearnet uses neutrino and not Bitcoind, I lacked disk space for these tests

You might find this guide on setting up hybrid mode useful! LND: Tor & Clearnet - How to setup hybrid-mode

Let me know if you need a hand with the set-up

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thanks! I had already read part of this guide, but I found that it did not apply exactly to what I intend, one node exclusively clearnet, another exclusively tor. I can get away with the command line, I use linux on all machines but I have a huge difficulty with the connections / network part, this since the days when I still used windows.

Ah ok, fair enough.

Interestingly, you should be able to resolve the clearnet peer from the TOR side, and I’m curious why you’d get the error above. Let me reach out to the team for you.

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thanks @smolgrrr . I found some information on the internet about umbrel nodes with this type of problem perhaps by not using the default port, like this one.

I’m kind of out of time because of the work, it would be great if there was something simple, already known.

EDIT: forget it, I managed to connect to a clearnet node without the default port… But it really seems that the problem is on the side of the umbrel node… I thought about the router but since PIA VPN already does its own port forwarding, it shouldn’t be that. I did the update of the clearnet operating system, a minimalist debian - DietPi - and the problem continues,

I gave up, put Clearnet in hybrid mode and already managed to open the channel between them. But it’s something very strange, anyway I appreciate the help.

Hello again, please see if my reasoning is correct. I still want this node to be Clearnet only. If I revert what I did - removing tor and undoing the changes in lnd.conf - the link between the two nodes (Umbrel and clearnet) already established is not affected correct? Thus, by a tortuous and laborious means, not to say incompetent :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , I will have achieved the goal…