How can I disable Tor

I can not use Tor in my country, how can I disable Tor in Umbrel?

That’s NOT a solution.
Buy a remote VPS server, host a VPN server on it, connect your Umbrel node to that VPN server and run it as it would be from that IP/location. Will work nicely with Tor.
You just bootstrap your fucking country.

If your country doesn’t want you to use Tor, what do you think it will happen when they will realize you are running a BTC node in clearnet? Will come and bring down your door and take your node.
Running a node behind tor is a must.


obviously that’s NOT a solution. That’s the question. I need to test the network without Tor in order to troubleshoot my connection.
So how can I do it technically?

disabling Tor is the option in the interface. But it’s not working.

If you install tailScale it will allocate an IP to your node that you’ll be able then to access from the clearnet

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Thank you.
My problem isn’t the node access. My problem is zero peers connection. No sync is happening. I suspect it’s related to Tor.

It seems that Umbrel over Tor doesn’t work in Russia because of the governmental ban. Symptoms: no peer connections, no blockchain sync.

I installed Mynode. The same: no sync over Tor. Then I disabled Tor and rebooted. Sync started.

I understand how Tor is important for Bitcoin.
Also I prefer Umbrel over Mynode.
I can use Tor browser using bridgers in Russia even with the ban.
Question: Is there a method enable Umbrel over Tor for the restricted network in Russia?

This guide works perfect.

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Also adding my guide on a more elaborative version of a VPS setup for your LND Node here:

Disclaimer: I haven’t done it for umbrel, but added the umbrel details in there too. A bunch of people on Twitter confirmed it’s working for them.

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Thank you for your reply. I read this guide carefully and tried to apply in on my node.
Sadly it didn’t work for me.

Probably I described my problem wrongly but I didn’t have an intention to avoid the use of Tor on my node. I love Tor and it works perfect on my Mac. The reason I tried to disable Tor on Umbrel was to diagnose why my Bitcoin Core node never received any peer connection and doesn’t synchronises.

While I tried to apply your guide on my situation I met few incompatibilities with it. First I’m probably ‘not enough tech-savvy’. Second I can’t get my node fully synchronised (this is the reason why I’m researching).

Can we elaborate on my problem a little more? What happened is - I installed latest Umbrel on PI4 successfully, added Bitcoin Core application and it has no peer connection and doesn’t syncronise. This was the same my last attempt in April. However I had Umbrel node sync before in 2021 and it worked fine.

What changed - 1) my new ISP and 2) now we have ‘Iron Curtain’ in Russia because our dictator Putin wants world war instead of stacking sats.

I’m working on my Bitcoin Training course in Moscow and want to have Umbrel as a demo stand for my students.umbrel-1657287383996-debug.log (20.8 KB)

Thank you. Accessing my node is not the main issue. The main issue it never has peers connected and never sync

Another way to speed up the downloading (and verification) of the blockchain is to go into the bitcoin settings and set the utxo cache size to about 3/4 of your available RAM. It is only helpful during the initial download, so reset to the default of 450mb after you are done.

It might also help the network to set this to 1200mb while the mempool is flooded right now (see for the current size), but that is just my guess.