Problem to close a lightning channel

Dear community,

I just open a channel on the lightning network and I wanted to close it stays in pending closing status since 2 days already.

I join this message a few screenshot so that you can help me to mitigate the problem. I am a total noob but I want to learn and be supportive to the network !

My lightning address : 027f0a6db077487fc415493a71bd914b5e9f058e92aeb29de5db12954a176b245a@xdv6b6ghs5n25jamopvujeqovp2pe4cltr6c75j7lsvpdurd6jucmbad.onion:9735

THank you very much for your help.

what is your selected fee for closing channel transaction? This may be the reason why it is not confirmed. LN channel closing and opening are “normal” BTC transaction, on-chain, just like any other regular BTC transaction. If the custom fee is too low, it will never confirm, and will be pending for long time, days, maybe weeks.

you can look up that loooong chain called transaction id or channel point (without “:1” at the end) in any blockchain explorer, for instance in and you will see both the fees, and the status of your transactions.

for instance this
shows status of your transaction 0f30…615 which is channel opening i guess.