Lighning node channel opening limbo

I have trying to open a channel, he stucked on opening, not on mempool for week now. I want to close it but no option how. Any help on this issue. Thanks.

Hi, just to clarify, your channel is still pending because the fee-rate is too low?

You will need to bump it up with RBF or a CPFP transaction. Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions

You can use ‘Ride The Lightning’ to do this pretty easily, or via command-line if are confident enough

Lightning → Peers/Channels

Can’t bump it it hasn’t entered mempool. When restarted node i get funds back but that opening channel still there.

Can anyone help me with this issue. It staying that way for a while. How can i erase this. Can’t from RTL.

There is none sats on that node withdraw it all. But this opening channel still there…