Problem installing apps

Hello all,

Quite new to Umbrel, I’ve installed it on my dedicated serveur running on Debian 11, 96GB ram 36TB HDD a quite big thing so …
All seems to work quite well, but …
I’m unable to install apps on the web interface, it stucks on “INSTALLING…”

I managed to install manually with the script ./scripts/app (sudo ./app install $appname), but …
Now, it stuck on “STARTING…” on the interface, except for mempool which works well, other apps stay shown “STARTING…”
I tryed on different browsers, and bitcoin core is fully synchronized.

Is it a known problem? What could I do ?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Okay I think I found it… 2 things:
Karen was not properly started, causing apps not installing from the web interface, and … Due to my quite particular configuration (I access my umbrel interface via ssh tunneling) I have to explicitely open a tunnel for each app port, and oh magick it doesn’t appear as “STARTING…” anymore! (No needed for mempool apparently)…
Maybe I will have some surprises with my firewall, do I have to explicitely open certain ports ?

hello, after a lot of patience, 2 re-flash of SD card, patience again, delete all the apps in “starting” mode
i’m still at the same place, can’t re-install my samourai apps

is there a command line to install manually pls ??

Thank you