Power Outage node not working

Yesterday we had a power outage.
My node came back online and I can connect to my node.
However it doesn’t display the transactions and the balance for the Bitcoin wallet.

Nor does it show the channels and the balance of the Lightning wallet.
Currently 13 hours passed.

Do just need to wait longer for the indexing? Or can I check if something is malfunctioning?
The logs don’t show any clear errors

SSH in and execute command “top”. Look if there are processes with high cpu load (+100% most of time). Which ones?

Python, bitcoind and electrs have the highest load. Electrs up to 95% sometimes

Patience, let the elctrs and lnd to catch up.
Optional you can check each module logs to see where they are:
cd umbrel
docker-compose logs bitcoin (you must see when it reaches “work=1,0000”)
docker-compose logs lnd (see if the wallet is open correctly and start syncing)
docker-compose logs electrs and see at what height is still indexing

Thank you. All clear. The problem is that I committed myself to opening an channel within 48 hours. Seems like my reputation is gone now.

Inform the partner and will understand the situation.

In the lightning logs I see: “panic: page 68657 already freed”
Does this mean the database is corrupted?

not really. what else ?

One week in, no balance, no past transactions.
Think I need to start all over again or does anyone have more suggestions?

Did you inspect all logs?
I would not jump straight to restore, that is a painful process and should be done only as last resort.

I know, been there before and with the current state of the mempool it would take a lot of sats or a lot of time.
In the different logs (bictoin, electrs, lnd) new blocks are synced and validated.
No clear error messages (for a limited user like me)

If you can still enter in Umbrel dashboard, go to settings and start the debug log.
Copy it and paste in https://0bin.net and share the link here.
Let’s see what you get in there.
Is safe to share the logs, is nothing personal in there.

Thanks for helping out

First of all I see you loaded a shit load of apps into that tiny RPi.
Man, don’t kill the poor Pi!
You really need all those apps? You remain with 216MB RAM available, LOL.
No wonder your electrs is struggling to catch up the index and failed once.
Also Tor couldn’t start.
I would start by removing all apps that your really don’t need them and in special those that take a lot of memory.

Samourai server? Come one man, LN is much better.
LNDg? If you do not have at least 50 channels, is not really necessary.
Mempool? Just to check a simple tx, you can do it also on public page, no need to kill your node just for that.
Photoprism? Come on man, are just some fotos, no need to stay on your tiny node
Jam ? you really use it? Use LN, is a powerful washing machine if you know how to use it.
Uptime kuma? For what you really use it?
Code-server? Are you really coding an need it?
Lightning-terminal? You can access it also outside of your node. Not really need it.
Snowflake? That will not improve your Tor connection but making it worse.

Consider removing these. The fact that Umbrel add those apps in App Store it doesn’t mean you HAVE TO install them all. Don’t kill your small node with them.

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LOL you are correct.
I installed the apps but don’t really use them, except for the lightning apps.
I am uninstalling them as we speak

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Here is the new log file. https://0bin.net/paste/4q63UleY#IRd561G8kmhvWwLZuRGnvvxUV-P9AHvNK7GXe2gMWIb
Any ideas on what to check?

Now looks more that you have Tor connection problems, is not able to bootstrap.
Also I see RTL taking a lot of memory, even more than LND ! That’s crazy, what is doing there?
Have some patience, maybe your Tor will get connected in the end.

@mayank when you will update Tor to new version 4.7.7 ?
Users are having serious issues with tor only nodes.