Power outage - trouble re connecting

Over in the NY area, tropical storm Ida knocked out the power and WiFi last night.

I got everything reset, back up and running but my umbrel still appears offline.
I went to settings to manually reset it but there was no change when it restarted.

I am very new with this so please provide layman’s terms when describing a solution.


How long was your power out? You’re going to be behind on the blockchain, so it will take some time to get re-synced with the network. Not sure but might be that your lightning channels will take some time also.

Power was out for about 6 hours.

So technically my umbrel IS still calibrating and re synchronizing?

I knew it would need to catch up, but I expected it to show real time results such as:

  • Channels saying ONLINE instead of Offline
  • Bitcoin sync dropping from 100% to 99% to catch up with blockchain again.
  • Wallet balance showing Fiat amount in $$$

I fear these 3 indicators reflect an offline node.
(Also, my node is not accessible via Tor. I am only able to connect to it locally)

I tried resetting, shutting down and replugging, clearing history and cache, opening incognito window, restarting comp.


  • Node IS connected online and has resynced the blockchain.
  • Fiat balance still not showing up.
  • Lightning Channels are still displayed as offline.


  • 3 hours later Everything seems to be up and running again :slight_smile: I guess it just needed time.

Very grateful and de-stressed knowing this is finally resolved without having to input commands and open Pandora’s box.

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Good to hear. I don’t know for a fact but I think if your local blockchain is out of sync, there are problems with pulling up wallet values, etc.

My node was disconnected safely and i had to change the case. Now i cannot log into umbrel online (it says it cannot connect to external drive). Is this an issue that has happened to anyone?