Plex remote access

Plex remote access doesn’t work and shows me a message “Not available outside your network”.

I’m not trying to access it outside my network. All I want to do is access it within my network but when I try to playback a video, it’s limited to 320p. If I disable remote access, then I lose access to the server completely.

If I run Plex through a standard install on Windows, then it works fine.

The impression I’m getting is that Umbrel and Docker are somehow thinking that my Plex server is not on my local network.

It can’t be a router setting or some port forwarding issue since Plex works fine when installed on my Windows machine.

Any ideas?

One quick way thing you could try is to goto settings in plex for your server, go to Network, scroll down to Custom Server Access URLS.

Add http://[umbrel-hostname]:32400, http://[ip-address]:32400

Hopefully this works for you!