Error with authentication for plex

Hi, after I installed Plex on my umbrel and clicked it, it opened a new tab, asked for Plex login and then showed this error:

Not authorized
You do not have access to this server

the URL looks like this: http://umbrel.local:32400/web/index.html#!/setup/<LONG_STRING>

when I remove the /setup/<LONG_STRING> it works but it doesn’t let me setup the media server.

if someone knows how to solve this please help


Same Issue, hoping someone has a fix.

I suffer from the same issue.
It just refuse to pass the log-in process. You log into your Plex account, and then you are locked because you don’t have the rights.

Hey @EZ0010 @Exaltotun @MykieGuillotine :wave:! Sorry to hear that’s a recurring issue,
Are you trying to access Plex via the local network? Are you using a VPN?
If you are using a VPN let us know!

Of course, from the local network.
Not from a VPN like with Tailscale.
Trying to uninstall it via the dashboard or the app uninstall script doesn’t fix the issue (but maybe just because it doesn’t delete the Plex configuration)

Same here. Just installed plex and when I try to access for the first time, I enter my gmail credentials (I use them to access, and then the screen shows “NOT AUTHORIZED” “You do not have access to this server”.
Should I access just using email?
Does the app communicates with in order to retrieve and validate my login credentials?
Is there a workaround for this issue by editing some file of the app at /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/plex?

I am having the same issue aswell, I really hope we get a fix soon, kinda dumb to add an app that doesnt work. I guess jellyfin doesnt work either so thats wonderful.

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Jellyfin however, does work wonderfully for me, but sadly, despite this and the fact that it’s FOSS, it doesn’t have an available app for my smart TV yet so this is annoying for me.

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Same issue here. Adding my local PC network to ~/umbrel/app-data/plex/data/config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml does not work also.

Was this tested? Why is there no response to this support topic?

I’ve had the same issue. I did notice that I was able to get to a Plex interface by going into
http://umbrel.local:32400/ (no strings). It didn’t really show anything and it honestly look like a redirect to I did try rebooting and still not able to work with it

Ok I was at least able to get somewhere with this but it’s pretty lengthy. I also noticed that the Library directories don’t get setup properly and don’t really see a way to fix it.

  1. Goto http://umbrel.local:32400/ and sign out. You might have to refresh and sign out again I had to do it two times.

  2. Launch powershell or Console on your PC and type the following:

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local

Note: Your password should be the same one that you use to login to the dashboard

  1. Type the following:

nano umbrel/app-data/plex/docker-compose.yml

this will take you to the docker’s config file

  1. Next we need a claim code. Goto and note it down.Note you only have 4 minutes to use this code. Once it’s used it should be good.

  2. Add the following line under


to look like this


Note: Make sure that you have 4 "spaces before “PLEX_CLAIM…”. Everything should be line up vertically.

  1. Next press Ctrl+X. Then Y to confirm changes. Then hit ENTER to save changes.
  2. Type the following:

cd umbrel/app-data/plex/

  1. HIt enter to goto that directory.
  2. Type the following to stop the docker container:

docker compose down

  1. Type the following to bring it back up:

docker compose up -d

You should be able to login and run through the setup process. Again I don’t know why the library directories don’t pull through as an option. It looks like they are suppose to be at ~/umbrel/app-data/plex/data. Also looks like PnP not working for the container and you wont be able to access it remotely without changing settings on your router

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Thanks for the instructions. Got logged in but as you pointed out, without the correct Library directory it is not very functional. I think it is should be looking at /data/storage/downloads for the Library… Same as Transmission, File Browser, Sonarr…etc.

Hey folks,

We’ve created an official guide to solve this issue: Fixing Plex's 'Not authorized' error

Shout out to @cj2tech for the original post and helping out here. Our post is somewhat based on what you posted.


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Unfortunately this doesn’t really solve anything at least for me, I was able to see movies without it, and yet I cannot setup media server.