Plex Media Server Showing as "Indirect" on Streaming Device

Setting up Plex Server on Umbrel to stream movies to Playstation 5

Network components:

  • Umbrel Server containing Plex Server running on Ubuntu - “Umbrel”
  • Playstation 5 - “PS5”
  • Personal Computer - “PC”

Network Configuration

  • Umbrel connected to router via Ethernet
  • PS5 connected to router via Ethernet
  • PC connected via WiFi

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access router’s Home Network settings from PC and set static IP addresses for Umbrel and PS5
  2. Create Plex account on PC. If you use Google, be sure to set a password after your account has been created.
  3. Follow the Plex initial setup instructions to direct the app to your local media location(s).
  4. Having already downloaded a file was helpful in determining the location.
  5. Download Plex Server on PS5
  6. Download Plex Server on Umbrel

For steps 6-9, reference this GUIDE for more information

  1. Access Plex’s “docker-compose.yml” file
  2. I used ssh from my PC to access the Plex files which are housed on the Umbrel
  3. Get Plex claim code (Claim | Plex) from Plex on PC
  4. Within four minutes, add the auto-generated Plex Claim code to the “docker-compose.yml” file after “-VERSON…”
  5. Save the edited file and restart your Plex Server. Restarting the server is required.
  6. Open the Plex Server on the Umbrel. If you receive an authorization error, troubleshoot steps 5 through 8 using the aforementioned GUIDE.
  7. Access your router’s settings on the PC.

For steps 12 – 15, reference this COMMENT for more info (disabling IPv6 is NOT required)

  1. Access router’s Firewall settings from PC. Using NAT/Gaming (maybe Port Forwarding) settings, create two custom port forwarding services.
  2. Plex Server with a port range of 32400-32400, host port of 34200, and TCP/UDP protocol
  3. Plex App with a port range of 50000-50000, host port of 34200, and TCP/UDP protocol
  4. Apply BOTH custom forwarding services to Umbrel device.
  5. Still in the router’s Firewall settings, Using IP Passthrough settings, create a passthrough allocation using DHCPS-fixed mode for the PS5. Use the default lease.
  6. On the PC, access your server’s remote access settings in Plex [Settings > Umbrel > Remote Access]. Manually specify the public port as 50000, and click Apply.
  7. Check the status of the Plex Server in the PS5 Plex App. If the Plex Server shows as “indirect” troubleshoot steps 12 – 15 using the aforementioned COMMENT.

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