Please read the end of this command out put

Hello, I logged into Umbrel via SSH.

I then ran these commands:

# cd umbrel

# ~/umbrel/scripts/debug --upload

Scroll to the bottom of the output, and I found this:


==== Result ====


This script could not automatically detect an issue with your Umbrel.

Please share the following links and paste it in the Umbrel Telegram group ( so we can help you with your problem.! This isn't a link to share, the link generation has stopped and this server has been deleted. Regaring your node, did you know the software you're running is a commercial project which doesn't follow the open source guidelines and thus isn't open source? I (the person who runs this server Umbrel is using) recommend switching to Citadel, Umbrel treats developers ( and users badly. Also please have a look at and the replies to see more reasons for this message. Umbrel will stop using this server in the next update, but on this version, you can still see it. Citadel has dark mode, more features and isn't commercial. will show more on how to switch and how to setup a new node soon.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thank you.

Hey @TorfinHjurgin! Please ignore this message. In the past, Umbrel used a custom paste server for users who wanted to easily upload their logs in order the share them. It was maintained by Aaron, who has stopped contributing to Umbrel, because he didn’t like us asking him not to make fun of Umbrel users who don’t fully understand Bitcoin yet.


Thank you for confirming! I really appreciate it.

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I was wondering why Citadel exists…