Attempting to run debug

My umbrel just reads “starting umbrel” when attempting to login. I logged into SSH and ran a debug that has been going for over 12 hours and not completed. Is this normal? any ideas? Thank you

You mean the log wasn’t generated? That should be in few moments.

correct after the memory usage it shows nothing else.

this is all that ran

Re-flash the mSD with the latest umbrel OS 0.4.2. Just like you did first time when you install it.
No worry, all user data remains on the SSD, no data will be lost.
Just shut it down, take the mSD and flash it on another PC

Ok. Thank you. So I have about 20 LND channels open. Are they all still going to be there or will I need to recover them doing something else? Thanks

Yes, all funds and channels remains on SSD
On mSD is only the UmbrelOS.

Thank you!

That worked. Back up and running. Thanks!

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