Pihole command not recognised

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ pihole -v
-bash: pihole: command not found

I have ssh into my RPi using Umbrel. I have opened the phole app…and want to change the password…and update the app…but when I issue any pihole command, it ends in a pihole command not found. What am I doing wrong please?

  • you need to access the docker instance in which your pihole is running.

docker ps | grep pi-hole
umbrel@umbrel:~ $ docker ps | grep pi-hole
d888735dce65 pihole/pihole:2022.11 “/s6-init” bla bla bla …

  • run a shell on your docker instance:
    docker exec -it d888735dce65 /bin/bash

  • run any pihole command as usual.