HOWTO: Change pihole password

After a lot of trawling around trying to find an answer to this question. I happened upon Garry (kudos bro :+1:) in the the telegram group.

ssh into umbrel.
At the prompt enter:
docker ps
This will present a list of docker containers. Find the container id for pi-hole_server_1 (2bf0cecaad14 was mine) At the prompt enter:
docker exec -it 2bf0cecaad14 bash (use YOUR container id)
to open the pihole container. Then to change password enter this:
pihole -a -p
Change the password when prompted, confirm the changed password. All done.

This HOWTO works for Umbrel 0.5.1. Might not (but should) work for earlier or later Umbrel versions.


It worked for me today on 0.5.3-build-d6641f8.

Hi Ray, I’m also on 0.5.3 and able to get to the pi server. However, when entering pihole -a -p I’m getting “command not found”?
Am I’m missing something in the command, I’m entering this after the prompt: node@app_proxy_pi-hole:/app$

Appreciate any help as I’m not very familiar with terminal stuff.

BTW…before the upgrade, I was able to login using the default pwd for Pi-hole. After upgrade, password doesn’t work

Just an update that may help others. With the upgrade to .0.5.3, the default pwd on the .4 version “moneyprinter…” was not working. I was looking around the app store and selected Pi-Hole, when the screen came up, there is a default password listed on the right and got me in :slight_smile:

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Seems like you copy&pasted the wrong docker instance ID and didn’t log into the pihole docker container but another one. Obviously the line-breaks can be confusing in the

docker ps

You would need to see a command prompt like this one


to execute the

pihole -a -p


Good luck! I trust you can do this!

This is a good advice! I wasn’t aware of that.
Nevertheless, better change the password :wink:


Yep, that was it and as you indicated, the line breaks got me but now reset properly!


It seems this doesn’t work for UmbrelOS 1.0. I am unable to connect to the container and get the following error: OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: open /dev/ptmx: no such device: unknown

Anyone is able to reset the password for Pi-hole container?