Pi-hole application password

I run umbrel 1.0 on my raspberry pi 5 and I installed the pi-hole application.
The problem is that pi-hole require a password to connect and I don’t have it. On previous topics I saw that I need to reset the password by connecting to the container but since Umbrel 1.0 I get the following error after executing this command : docker exec -it pi-hole_server_1 bash

OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: open /dev/ptmx: no such device: unknown

Anyone can help me on this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @Ghoost sorry too hear about your issue here.
If you right-click the Pi-hole app, you should see the option ‘Show default credentials’- can you please check if that password works for you.

Hi @smolgrrr, it worked wonderfully, thank you very much! I didn’t know this feature existed!

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