Pi-Hole questions

Hi all,

i’m new here…currently syncing the blockchain. All went well so far…great user experience so far.

I have some questions about Pi-Hole which I also installed:

  • How to make SSH to Pi-Hole?
    • What is the SSH login/Password (same as for WebGUI?)
    • Once i get access to Pi-Hole with ssh i suppose i can update Pi-Hole and change the passwort?

If SSH is not possible:

  • how to update Pi-Hole?
  • how to change default password?



But how to connect to Pi-Hole Container via SSH? It’s running on same IP as Umbrel, but SSH port is bound to Umbrel, not Pi-Hole container. And the web port 8082 is not working.
The user/login for Pi-Hole? pihole?

  • login with ssh in your umbrel device
  • docker container ls
  • find pihole image e copy container ID
  • docker exec -it bash

Now you are in container console


this was helpful thanks