Pi-Hole with unbound running on umbrel?

Any1 has successfully running Pi-Hole with unbound on umbrel? Not sure if I should try Unbound or not. How did you install it? Just SSH in the server and install and hope for the best?

Pi-Hole is running great so far - but unbound would be a nice addition.

Hi, yes I just installed Unbound via SSH as described in pi-hole’s docs.

I then also activated the cache for unbound. This is somewhat redundant, as pi-hole already caches, but I was still able to significantly reduce the load on the cpu.

You may also be interested in Cloudflared

That actually looks very interesting. But do I see that correctly: Cloudflared makes umbrel visible to everyone via a public domain?
Or does it work in a similar way to a VPN, only the entry point works via a public domain?

At the moment I use tailscale and use umbrel as DNS server. That way I can use Pi-hole from anywhere and don’t have to make anything publicly accessible.

Only the apps you enable!

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