I am new to Umbrel


I was in the pihole forum and saw a post of a user having trouble installing pihole on Umbrel running on Ubuntu 22.04. I am currently running pihole w/unbound and wireguard on a dedicated PC running Ubuntu 22.04. I was wondering if I could install Umbrel on my current Ubuntu alongside the above working setup. Hopefully adding others app (i.e. HomeAssistant and Tailscale) to Umbrel?

Thank you

Pihole works fine, haven’t found a way to get Unbound running on umbrel.

HomeAssistant works fine but be aware about the limitations since it runs in a docker container and theres no supervisor or add-ons. Thats why I’m running it in a VM for now.

Umbrel is awesome because of the super easy interface and great for a Bitcoin and lightning node, but for most other stuff you hit some limitations very very fast.