Can pi-hole be used while away from home network?

I have installed the pi-hole app on my umbrel. This works great and blocks all sorts of ads when I configure my DNS to point to my umbrel’s private IP.

However, this only works when I am on my home network. When I go elsewhere, DNS does not resolve at all, since the internal IP address of the pihole is unreachable.

When I attempt to configure my network’s public IP as my DNS server, that does not work either (presumably because of network firewall / router configuration - I use whatever came out-of-the-box with Eero).

Is there a recommended way to use pi-hole while away from a home network?

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Great question, I’m interested in this too!

Yes did it and it works fine. It’s a little slow. Open TCP and UDP port 53 to all then set your Umbrel server is as your DNS server.

If your Umbrel is running at home and not in the cloud you will need to forward port 53 to your Umbrel server.

Note that this basically allows the whole world to use your Umbrel server as DNS.

If you don’t want to do that I think you could use the talescale VPN to connect to your Umbrel when away from home and then set that private IP to be your DNS server… not sure if that works or not though.