Phoenix Wallet (Mobile)


Available for: Android, iOS
Official website:

The iOS version doesn’t support setting up a custom Electrum server for now.


  1. Open Phoenix Wallet on your phone.

  2. Go to Settings > Electrum server.

  1. Tap “Set server…”.

  2. Check Use a custom server.

  3. For Server address, enter <Electrum Server URL>:50001.

  4. Tap Confirm.

  1. Go to Settings > Tor.

  2. Enable Tor.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Phoenix Wallet to your Umbrel.

Unable to connect to Phoenix Wallet? If Bitcoin Core has only recently finished syncing, please try connecting again in ~24 hours.

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Any idea when connecting to own Node (Electrum Server) will be possible for iOS? Cheers


thanks. worked flawlessly.

Hi. Just testing some different wallets and this one seems pretty straight forward but I am unable to connect to my own node. Tor is connected. Electrum keeps indicating “connecting…” . Node is 100% synced for multiple days.

Any known issues here?


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Did you fix? Funning into same problem

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Did you turn on the certificate check in “Set server…”? Uncheck it. Might resolve your issue.


In general it works but not always as fast and stable as I would wish. I can only guess the main problem is the speed of the tor connection (and connection to my own node).

Hi, is anyone facing my same issue while connecting umbrel node to Phoenix Wallet on iOS?
It shows “checking server certificate” forever and doesn’t work, tried on Android too and have the same issue.


Same issue here, on iOs and Android!

It looks like that the Phoenix App requires an active certificate, while SSL on Electrs is disabled both via local than via Tor.

Is there any chance that Electrs will be implemented with a certificate?

anyone has tried to access to it via a cloudfare tunnel like it is described in this post:

thank you!

Same issue here. Any ideas?