Electrum Wallet (Mobile)

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Available for: Android
Official website: https://electrum.org


  1. Make sure Tor is up and running on your phone. Click here for instructions.

  2. Open Electrum Wallet, tap the settings icon and select Network.

  3. Set Auto-connect to OFF.

  4. Set One-server mode to ON.

  5. For Server, enter <Electrum Server URL>:50001:t.

  6. Tap Proxy.

  7. Set Proxy mode to socks5, Host to and Port to 9050.

  8. Confirm by tapping Ok. Wait for a few seconds and it should display Status: 1 connections.


Congratulations! You have successfully connected Electrum Wallet to your Umbrel.

Unable to connect to Electrum Wallet? If Bitcoin Core has only recently finished syncing, please try connecting again in ~24 hours.