Electrum Wallet (Desktop)

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Available for: macOS, Linux, Windows
Official website: https://electrum.org


  1. Make sure Tor is up and running on your system. Click here for instructions.

  2. Click the colored dot in the bottom right to open the Network settings.

  3. Go to the Overview tab.

  4. For Server, enter <Electrum Server URL>:50001:t

  5. Go to the Proxy tab.

  6. Check Use Tor proxy at port 9050.

  7. Click Close. Wait for a few seconds and the dot at the bottom right should turn blue.


Congratulations! You have successfully connected Electrum Wallet to your Umbrel.

Unable to connect to Electrum Wallet? If Bitcoin Core has only recently finished syncing, please try connecting again in ~24 hours.

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The Server URL at step 4 above is referring to the Onion address from the Electrs app on your Umbrel node.


I did just that… no connection here.
In step 6 electrum version 4.2.2 gives the option to “use Tor proxy 9150”. I’ve tried both options and it doesn’t work.

Connecting via the local network doesn’t work. Electrum has no option to switch off SSL and won’t connect to the server.

I’m seeing the same problem, not even sure where to get the tor address from now, settings or the connect button?

Used to work with me as well.

I was able to get it working again after I updated Umbrel.

The Tor address that you’re putting into the Electrum settings, where do you get this Tor address from? Umbrel settings or the Connect button in the Bitcoin “app”?

I did those exact steps but it doesn’t work. Network button stays red.
Also tried local server address (without Tor). Doesn’t work too.

I totally missed the “:t” in the end of the server (after the :port).
Working here.

This should be updated. I believe the appropriate way to connect is to download ELECTRS from the Umbrel App store, wait for the app to finish syncing to 100% and then slide the connection parameters to TOR. User should download TOR browser, open it and minimize it after the browser has finished making its connections. Open Electrum and click on the circle and enter the Onion address from ELECTRS with :50001:t at the end of the address. Make sure Proxy is clicked on (“Use Tor proxy at port 9150”; the second box will be automatically clicked on (“Use Proxy” with SOCKS5,, 9150)). Hit close and Electrum blue button should be BLUE. Success. TOR browser has to be open first when using Electrum Wallet this way to verify transactions.


This is the only way I could connect to my node. thank you

Has anyone managed to connect Electrum via Tor? I enter the addresses provided to me in the Bitcoin and Electrs apps, but in neither case does my wallet connect. How to fix it?

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morning! yes, you have installed tor browser first ?

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Certainly. Before starting the electrum, I start the tor, but this does not affect anything.

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I am getting complete ZERO here. My Ubuntu says it has no more disc space left, so I closed it down. I tried syncing my Electrum wallet with the Bitcoin node via TOR proxy (changed to port 9150 and still nothing. I think Umbrel sucks, if I may say so! I want my own node on my PC with Electrum syncing with it as Sparrow doesn’t sync either, nor Spectre. I have a full bitcoin core node up to date but still no joy = nothing happens apart from looking at it and seeing how many blocks are on the blockchain and the 10 peers, etc. No transmission of anything.

I completely understand you! I spent about $315 to buy a Raspberry pi 4 and set up my own bitcoin node to verify my transactions without third party trust, but I just can’t use it! I’m seriously considering selling it all. Keeping a full node for greater decentralization of the network is certainly good, but what if I can’t ensure the security of my own transactions? I’m thinking about switching to Citadel node, maybe everything will work fine there.

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Thanks for your reply and apologies for the late reply as I can’t log in to Umbrel anymore for lack of disc space. I remember reading the name Citadel but I don’t know it. However the best from my desperate researches is Embassy from Start9.
https://start9.com/ The real best is this Pro version https://store.start9.com/collections/embassy/products/embassy-pro but you can buy the normal one for a third of that price and get a discount by paying in Bitcoin.
I think Umbrel sucks. I had to install Ubuntu to get into Umbrel and then erased Windows 10 out of a Dual PC from HP Pavillion 23 and now i am stuck as the partitions I made don’t allow me to reinstall Windows. What a waste of energy!
Bye for now.

Diogo: Que é feito? Fiquei sem Umbrel e sem espaço nas partições do Ubuntu, Grabde Cáca, esta avenida. Vou comprar o Embassy da Start9. O meu Node está OK updated mas não sei se consiguirei sincrnizar com a Sparrow, contudo pelo Electru a Sparrow sincroniza só que n
ao é totalmente privado.

hello! I see… maybe your hardware had somekind of problem…from what I heard embassy its solid :slightly_smiling_face:
but you had your ubuntu on which system? just curiosity…
idk about sparrow…

Hey all!

These steps still are working, you can update Electrum current version is 4.4.3 and on Umbrel Electrs app is on 0.9.10 as of this post.

To clear up any confusion from earlier posts, you should follow step 1 so your device running Electrum Desktop Wallet can use the Tor network first. You don’t need to be using a Tor browser- you can simply navigate to your Umbrel dashboard via any browser you prefer > Click Electrs app > copy the credential listed under address on the Tor tab within the Electrs application:

After that is installed you can follow all the other steps, plugging in proxy port 9050 does work - so does replacing and keeping localhost in that field - either way can work.

Server should end in: .onion:50001:t

When you’re on the Network screen you can hit enter after entering details, if after a few seconds you still see the red dot, try just relaunching Electrum Desktop once and it should connect immediately.

Let me know if you have any questions or if anything can be more clear, thank you!