Passky Server stuck at installation

After a few hours.
Restarted Umbrel, but it comes back as installing…

Followed instructions here still the same issue

any suggestion?

First let’s try to resolve by clicking Manage Apps, clicking the Red “X” next to Passkey Server and then reinstall it via the Umbrel App store. Please also try to reboot via System > Restart

If after ~5-10 minutes it is still unresponsive we can move on to manually uninstalling and reinstalling

Can you SSH into your Umbrel
Steps on how to SSH are available here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

Then run this command to manually uninstall:
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app uninstall passky-server

and then reinstall:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install passky-server

Can you share the entirety of the output of each these commands with me for review?

Let me know if there are any errors and happy to further troubleshoot.