Open lightning channel transaction stuck

Upon opening a new channel with Freedom, I mistakenly set the fee too low. 1 Sat.
The transaction has been stuck in the mempool for over 6 wks. now.
I tried to bump the fee with Ride the Lightning. Even tho ride the lightning indicates that the bump fee was successful, Bumped to 25 Sats, the transaction still is not going thru.
What to do now?

Hi, I made the same mistake opening a channel (using LN), fee too low and now I installed RTL but I can’t find out how to get to bump up the fee. Can you explain how you did?

Never was able to get the bump fee to work. Just had to wait it out, and it finally went thru. Took about a couple months.

OK, thanks.

See also info on CPFP

Well, I was guided how to use the cli and bump up the fee. It worked, channel opened and I keep learning! Thanks!