LN Channel Open Transaction Stuck

Hi Everyone,

I opened a LN channel 2 days ago, and the Tx is stuck because I accidentally set the fees too low.

I can see in Mempool that this is an RBF enabled Tx. Is there a way that I can use RBF to bump up the fee? I don’t see where I have the ability to do that using the Umbrel Bitcoin wallet.

Thanks in advance…



Also looking for this answer!

I got an answer via Twitter DM:

“You can do it with the Ride The Lightning app.

Go to RTL > Lightning > Peers / Channels > Pending open > three dot menu of the channel to bump > Bump fees”

There are instructions there, but you will also need to look up the index of the stuck TX’s change address. It was 0 in my case.

Make sure you bump the fee towards the top of the going rate. Transaction volume and fees and are both very high right now.

Good luck.



Many thanks! Worked just great!

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I tried this option but I cannot see it reflected in the mempool