Lighning channel stuck on Opening ... Options?

I tried to open a .03 channel, and used the 24 hrs transaction fee ‘Which I should NOT have done’. It has been over 24 hrs and I’m wondering what my options are.

You can Bump up the Fee with RTL or with the terminal

I ended up just doing a forced close, and just have to wait till the time lock is up. Thank you for your response! I’m sure your way ‘suggestion’ would have been better, and cheaper.

Out of curiosity, how would one use lightning terminal to bump the fee?

Use ‘Ride The Lightning’ (which will show your LND channel no matter what app you used to open it), I’ll show you what it should look like from memory.

Lightning → Peers/Channels

Your pending channel would appear here, and there would be a button for bumping the fee. This will create a new CPFP transaction where you can increase the fee-rate and get the channel opened earlier.

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