Older version of Blue Wallet

I have an old iPhone 6 plus and the only version of Blue wallet I can install is version 6.2.5.

It installs ok, but when I try to connect my LNDHub URI a message says
“Alert Invalid LNDHub URI”

My “Up to date” Android had no problems with the connection.

To install latest Blue Wallet iOS app, I need to have iOS 13 or above, but my phone just wont install that.

What can I do?

Dump the iShit and buy a decent android device and install CalyxOS or GrapheneOS,
anyway, to use older versions of BW, you need to use it together with Orbot Tor VPN to access your node. But for iShit devices that option is NOT available and will never be. So see advice no. 1

Not very helpful.
I already did “dump the iShit” for an Android which I run everyday.
What I wanted was a third device to setup a multisig with. Seemed to me to be a good use for a backup phone.

Anyone else got some useful advice to connect an old version of Blue Wallet to my LNDHub?